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When it comes to performing well and standing out, it’s not always about knowing the curriculum – but knowing how to prepare for and take the right tests. Doorway to College Foundation’s focus is on arming students with the tools they need to do well. By offering resources that begin early on in your child’s educational path, we can help support them as they prepare for their future.

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Parents, students, and schools around the country have told us how valuable they find our resources to be. Hear straight from parents about how their students improved as a result of a ZAPS test-prep seminar!

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Resources for Your Children

Did you know that, according to testing giants ACT and SAT, most high school graduates don't score high enough on college entrance exams to be considered "ready" for their key freshman classes in college? Now more than ever, parents are being encouraged to help their children improve study and test-taking skills - starting as early as middle school.

We can help your child learn how to prepare for the ACT and SAT - but we also offer so much more! Check out the Doorway to College Foundation roadmap, designed to help your student get started on the right path early:

ZAPS Test Prep for ACT, SAT, and PSAT/NMSQT

Third-party research shows that Doorway to College Foundation ZAPS seminars – built around curriculum created by educators who understand crucial test-taking tips and strategies – help students at all levels by:

  • Boosting current classroom performance 
  • Increasing test scores for students who want to pursue a college education
  • Qualifying students for grants/scholarships (based on test scores) when they’ve ruled out higher education due to costs 
  • Opening doors for students who thought their test scores wouldn’t qualify them for higher education 

Participants learn proven test-taking strategies that work. Search now for an upcoming ZAPS test prep seminar in your area. Some schools choose to offer these seminars at no cost to their students. Be sure to ask your local district about their plans to include Doorway to College Foundation materials in their curriculum!


Kickstart to College Workshops

This counselor-approved information will equip your students to succeed in their future journeys. Each interactive workshop is designed specifically for the needs of students based on specified grade levels. Learn more!


College/Test Prep E-Books

Doorway to College Foundation has published a series of free and low-cost e-books for college-bound students and their parents, covering topics such as study skills, college visits, applications and more. These can be shared with your students at key times during their junior high and high school years to help boost their confidence and performance. Browse the collection! 

There's also a special series just for student-athletes, written by a former Big Ten scholarship athlete about how students can boost their chances of playing on a college team — and then succeed in college once they get there. 


StudySmart! Study Skills

This series of e-books, classes, and webinars will provide your middle and high school students with powerful techniques to make studying effective, efficient, and even fun.


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We're here to help provide your students with effective, efficient test preparation. If you'd like to learn more about how we can assist your family, contact us at 877-927-8378 or